The archetype of the beautiful woman today imposes enormous silicone in very thin bodies. This tendency increases eating disorders and surgery.

The current beauty ideal is given by a pretty face in a stylized, no fuss and major curves. This archetype of a woman is possible to achieve through cosmetic surgery. The so-called “magic knife” increased the desire of women to fit into the new aesthetic model tax.


Be beautiful today

This trend is confirmed by models like Luciana Salazar, who claimed to have breast implants because it believes that the trend is currently installed skinny women and pulpy. Many women are increasingly convinced that only seduce if they are close to being transparent and important figures in front. The models are not just as icons of beauty, but of all virtue, and was completed by installing the certainty that in the world there is only space for women who are able to fit into a “container” which is perfect according to the prevailing social standards.

The Argentine and beauty

Within Argentine women who acknowledge having had cosmetic surgery is the flagship Gonzalez Yuyito, Who declared that “surgery is a way of telling the public: Look what I did for most tastes.” It is the vision of women who recognize their “tweaks” in the body and are prey to a model of beauty. In the case of Alejandra Pradon, The actress says that “hard after a first surgery a woman takes a habit to step under the knife every few months.”

However, there is another group of girls who regretted having yielded to the scalpel and decided to turn back. It is for the actress Argentina Gloria Carra, who admitted having put Silicone implants had they been taken out and then after finding that he did not feel comfortable with your body with implants. Even the actress shot this stereotype of “woman with boobs” and said that no one can say that larger breasts are more beautiful. Pro Skin Care cosmeceuticals, Beauty and Health Products for ageing, elder beauties and ladies only in . Everything to look younger and healthier again, turn back the clock!


Thus we see that increasingly growing number of adolescents and young adults with eating disorders who are prey to an unattainable beauty stereotype and which every day is a little obsessed.