Tips and Tricks for more energy and well-being for the whole day the ultimate guide
Unrested yesterday

Morning in bed we would like to like to turn around a few times, after the alarm has rung. At work, however, our view depends hypnotized and expectantly at the clock and the actual “fun evening” is for “Yawn and Lustlosigkeits disaster”. Such a day is not uncommon and is mainly one thing: annoying. It is so easy with small basic rules and information to sweeten your day.

Movement stimulates the circulation

A successful morning begins with right up. Torn from the alarm clock from a deep sleep to be and then stay awake is not that easy. Much easier is the start of the day with stretching exercises. It of course has no full yoga program to be completed, but by stretching and Loll oxygen into our circulation and awakens us and our muscles from sleep. Who has time for sports, can also move a bit more. This raises not only the spirit, but also helps in weight reduction. This is because our body has used up all crabs overnight and during morning exercise must obtain the needed energy from the “annoying belly fat.” This requires of course that you have not taken before the morning sports carbohydrates. Pets are snacks such as bananas or fruit juice.


Treacherous lows

Throughout the day, our body comes in three low steps leading to fatigue quickly. The 1st is usually at 9.00 clock in the morning. The 2nd Daily low is reached at lunchtime and low number 3 appears at about 17.00 clock.

Coffee, chewing gum, not mere miracle cure

Here to help everyday such as coffee or chewing gum. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the circulation of the organs and thus their supply of oxygen. But one should not be more than four cups a day, drink too much coffee as high blood pressure cause, etc. can. Chewing gum help in the sense that the chewing motion gets up to 25% more blood to the brain and can thus increasing its concentration.

And again: movement

When many seats on the work revive especially fresh air and exercise. Therefore when fatigue is coming up open the windows and breathe in and out deeply. While making sure that you breath in the stomach. Not just in the chest. During the work of course you can not walk, but even small stretches at the office table to show effect. Sit upright on the edge of your seat and press the feet alternately in the ground. This strengthens the leg muscles particularly the knees. Or stretch every now and then the legs straight up in the air and stretch your feet and flexes. Here, the principle of better blood circulation, just as are rising in the morning.

Proper diet

Especially during the 12.00 clock low point should be taken to lunch. After all, is added the colder the food, the more energy the body needs to digest and makes us even more tired of this process. So rather than enjoying a warm salad fresh from the fridge. Likewise fatigue also carbohydrates that stuck in the bread, potatoes, etc. Best suited for the midday brunch are foods like carrots and radishes. They belong to the alkaline foods, which help reduce stress.