A hot tub despite dry winter skin. Oil rubbing make it possible and maintain the skin.

If it’s wet outside, cold and gray, she is getting bigger: the desire for a warm, relaxing bath in the domestic bath. But especially in the cold months many people suffer from an extremely dry skin. Brittleness, cracking and flaking on the shins, to the elbows and upper arms, occur most frequently. Often it is recommended to refrain from dry winter skin to full baths. This one does not have to, if his skin to prepare the bath while protecting: With Embrocation.

Dry winter skin is a common problem

The hydro lipid film or acid mantle is exposed in the winter a particularly heavy burden. With its combination of fat, water, sweat and sebum he intended to protect the skin from dehydration. The massive damage to the hydro-lipid film in the cold season has two causes. Firstly through the dry, heated air, the other by the drier air outside. The colder it is, the less the skin produces sebum. The hydro lipid film loses its protective effect. Therefore tend also people in the rest of the season do not have skin problems in the winter months to a rather dry or scaly skin.


Skin stress by conventional dip

Many bath additionally burden the acid mantle. Surfactants deprive the skin important skin lipids (ceramics), whereby moisture is lost and can be stored worse. In addition, many bath fragrances, or colors, preservatives and emulsifiers, which may provide particularly in sensitive winter skin for irritation. In addition, the following applies: The warmer the Basseterre is, the stronger the skin defalcated. And even if the skin is cared for after the bath creams and lotions that swimming is itself a source of stress for the skin.

All-natural oils to protect and maintain

With an anointing before bathing can prevent skin irritation. Basically quality, pure natural oils. Especially recommended is mature sesame oil that can be used for its warming properties particularly well in the winter months. Jojoba oil is also compatible for almost all skin types. Particularly effective is it when the oil is heated beforehand. It is sufficient, the required amount of oil for the put in a glass on the heating.

Dive into a milk and honey bath

Oiled the entire body from the feet upwards. Even the spaces between the toes and the soles of the feet should be massaged gently, again to avoid dry winter skin. Then it goes into the warm bath water. To assess the effect of the oil on the skin to avoid possible damage you can, for example, dive into a milk and honey bath. Therefore 1 to 2 liters of milk and three tablespoons of honey are added to the bath water. Because milk has a cleansing effect you do not need additional soaps or shower gels. The optimum temperature of the bath, depending on personal preference, from 37 to 39 degrees.