While I am sure you all love a warm banana bread, I bet you are tired of the same old, same old recipes our moms and grandmothers prepare. If this is the case, then go ahead and look through the best banana bread recipes on MyGreatRecipes. Or, anywhere on the web for that matter. I just found their recipes amazingly easy to prepare and I have to admit I never came across more interesting forms of banana bread.

Banana Bread Forms

Never mind I am tired of the regular banana bread recipe, I am also tired of the loaf-shape it comes into. This is why I found all of the different shapes it comes into refreshing.

First of all, I never thought I would ever drink, rather than eat a banana bread. Ok, not the regular one, but a smoothie made with all the banana bread ingredients only minus the flour and eggs, instead there is silken tofu and a cup of rolled oats. Every bit as delicious and ten times easier to prepare. Just put the ingredients in a blender and you are good to go.

Possibly the cutest way of presenting a banana loaf is in the form of banana bread muffins. Instead of pouring the batter in a huge pan, get a muffin pan and make separate muffins. It will take you only a minute more, and the experience will definitely be worth it. Plus, you can always put glaze on top of them and add some colorful sprinkles, or chopped nuts.

Banana bread cookies are also something I recently discovered. Just pour the batter using a spoon on a baking sheet and you will get perfectly looking cookies begging to be baked, covered with maple cream cheese frosting and eaten!

Not Your Regular Banana Bread Ingredients

Why not change regular all-purpose flour for one of the healthier, and if you ask me, tastier variants? Choose anything from almond flour to coconut and even soy flour, the banana loaf will get a distinct aroma that will definitely make it more scrumptious and more interesting.

Try the same with milk. There is also an almond substitute for whole milk, but my personal favorite is coconut milk. This milk will enhance the moistness of your banana loaf and what’s more, the sweet aroma it releases will be enough to satiate your sweet tooth without the need of adding huge amounts of sugar.

And while on the topic of sugar, did you know that instead of replacing the refined sugar with a brown version, you can skip adding sugar altogether? This can be easily done by using extra ripe bananas in the batter and adding some honey or maple syrup.

Go ahead and make one of these unusual forms of this American classic dessert. You will be amazed at the reactions of both your family and friends. They will never want to go back to the regular loaf again!