Are headphones bad for your ears?

The headphones are not bad for the ears provided they are used in a controlled manner and not abuse them. It is very important to follow a series of guidelines through which you can be sure not to be damaging your ears while listening to music through the headphones. If you do not want to lose hearing, it is very important that you follow the following tips when enjoying the headphones. If you follow them little by little, you will lose hearing, remembering that the loss then you cannot recover.


You always have to have music at a moderate volume. High decibels will damage your ears, but much more if the music goes directly through the headphones. You should never listen to music in excess of 80 decibels, as your ears will suffer. If this practice is carried out continuously, hearing loss is more than assured are. You should never put power to more than 60%.

It is recommended not listen to music through headphones for more than one-hour period and always with moderate volume. If you want to listen to music for a longer time, rest is recommended for at least 5 minutes. It has been shown that headphones earmuffs are better than those who go directly to the ear.

They are less harmful and you can always get the same or better sound. Buy headphones of this type offer perfect sound and health to your ears. If you are in a noisy environment, it is better to listen to music worse than to increase the sound. If you increase the sound, the increase in decibels goes directly to your ears. In this case, you will also be damaging them without realizing it.

It is very important that your headphones only use them. No share is recommended. Through this medium many bacteria are transported, which can cause important infections. Remember, you should not use the headphones continuously. Whenever possible use the speakers and leave the helmets only for the moments strictly necessary.

What is the best type of earphone?

It has been shown that headphones earmuffs are much better than the ear. If you bet on a quality model, the earmuffs will not only offer you greater insulation from external noise. Also harm your ears less and therefore you will suffer less hearing fatigue. It is important to always buy high quality models which allow you to enjoy a good sound in exchange for having the assurance that your ears will be more protected.