The low back pain, commonly referred to as back pain, can be a real pain for those who suffer from it, not only because of the physical pain that it entails, but also because it can, sometimes, be disabling, as it makes it impossible carry on their daily activities , from work to the management of the house, from the social to the spending of every day. Physical activity is not always a good remedy to alleviate the suffering or to prevent relapse . Below we offer a brief guide to sports to avoid in the case of back pain.

A sport to be avoided in the case of low back pain is tennis, as the subject who practice, due to sudden movements and twisting of the spine , can accentuate the pain prolonging its life. On the other hand it is also not recommended cycling, as it obliges to a forced position and prolonged in time. The jogging is not particularly suitable for those suffering from low back pain, in fact the race, even though slow, could cause micro-trauma to the back , which of course exacerbated the pain. Similarly body building is completely inappropriate, because it puts the subject to excessive strain , which instead should be absolutely avoided.

Man with enhanced spinal column, rear view (Digital Composite)

If the back pain is related to inflammation of the nerve bundles from another sport is not practicing fencing (which also is effective in cases of low back pain due to poor posture), as the impromptu changes of direction, and lunges fatigue extremely lumbar vertebrae. Those who suffer from herniated disc, however, if you decide to practice swimming, must be taken to ensure that the style butterfly and breaststroke.

The ideal sports , however, for those who suffer from low back pain are those practiced in water, because the physical activity in the absence of weight, it is able to relax and loosen the muscles contracts. Consider, for example water aerobics, allowing you to strengthen the muscles, but without subjecting the subject to excessive force. Even a simple daily walk , made ​​with comfortable sneakers, can be a panacea for back pain, as it is useful to tone the muscles that supports the spine. Pilates, however, aimed at strengthening postural muscles and alignment of the spine, is good for the prevention.