If you are dieting, you should bear in mind that not only should you concentrate your efforts on eating the right and necessary to lose weight. You should also put all your efforts to avoid the rebound effect of the diets.

What is the rebound effect of diets?

The rebound effect is one of the big problems that can suffer once a diet is finished and the objectives have achieved. The problem is given because many people can quickly recover the weight lost during the diet. It means that in case of suffering this problem, the affected person will realize that not all the effort has served at all, which is frustrating.

rebound effect after a diet

Why does the rebound effect occur?

One of the main reasons for the rebound effect in diets is the radical change in the habits. That produced during the diet. To avoid that this problem can cause the return to the original weight as we recommend from Auto Saludables. It is best to change habits little by little and not make a change of life and radical diet. For example, nothing will do you a diet if nothing else finish. It does not monitor the quantities of food we eat and we bet on a diet filled with junk foods full of fat and pastries. Keep in mind that if you bet on an unbalanced diet, the probability of returning to your original weight will be high.

The rebound effect can also occur when a person performs an unbalanced diet. This type of diets is those that eliminate some food groups or nutrients from the diet in order to lose weight more quickly. This not only produces that the body lacks some nutritional values. When they return to recover in the diet, these nutrients make us fatten more easily. Without forgetting that, as we are eager to eat them again. The most common is to eat them in large quantities. All this causes us to recover the weight that has cost us so much effort.

Another thing that can cause us to recover quickly lost weight is the abandonment of the exercise. We were doing accompanying the diet. In many occasions, an active lifestyle during the diet passed to a sedentary life with little activity after finishing the diet. All this causes that the body does not burn so much energy and the same begins to accumulate.