Allergy contact is manifested by redness and itching in the affected part which often becomes dry and scaly. They can also appear in the fluid-filled blisters that indicate an allergic reaction important. For this reason, we give you some tips on how to avoid contact allergy.

The name of the disease itself says: allergy contact is closely tied to the touch and is caused by materials and substances with which we have to do during the course of the day. They cause a ‘more or less pronounced inflammation of the skin which reacts to allergens of chemical type or allergens that are present in the environment. Most part of allergies by contact as well as the most frequent ones are determined by objects in nickel , from detergents, products make-up, from synthetic fabrics or have detergent residue. Women are the most affected species because they use different chemicals to clean the house without adequate protection.


To defend themselves from the elements chemicals contained in detergents (especially formaldehyde and nickel) always use rubber gloves lined with cotton, which is a natural fiber. It should also covering part of the arm to prevent it from reaching damaging sketches. Avoid latex ones that can in turn cause an allergic reaction. The ideal would be to completely avoid the use of toxic detergents and prefer those made ​​from Marseille soap or homemade soap, which is an excellent bleaching and sanitizing all linen, made ​​with only natural substances. Even the use products for the body should be examined with care: Always read the label and double check what it contains. In particular, choose cosmetics, creams or perfumes that have the words “non-allergenic”.

A great way to solve the problem of contact allergy to soaps for the body is the use of Aleppo soap which has no contraindication allergic because it is all organic. For cosmetic products always buy branded ones tested clinically, and here also check the label, especially that does not contain the paraphernalia, which is also found in hair dyes, the nail polish, the shaving cream. For fabrics always prefer those with natural fibers: cotton, silk, pure virgin wool, and avoid synthetic ones, especially in the summer. Even the coloring of fabrics make the their part in allergies: the underwear you can avoid always choosing the white one. The nickel content is not only in food or water, but is mostly used for buttons, under wire bras, belts: check well so that they are not made ​​of this material .