Here we come to a subject that I know many of you are interested in . Thanks to me I know some of you are already passionate and approach the world of make-up to try to make it a source of work and career or maybe would like to at least try it but do not know where to start. And so, as even in the comments and requests that I read (again!) You are asking me a lot, now I’ll try to tell you really all I can think about this, telling a bit of my experience and trying to give some little advice. lets talk about As you become make up artist.

make up artist

We realize that to become a great make-up artist, so we have go better institution beauty schools in Phoenix. there is no way the same for everyone. Most of them started almost by accident, or perhaps before doing another job and started just doing as assistant to Quach great teacher. There are so precise rules to take this path , but one thing is certain: start it always takes a lot of passion and humility , and we are talking about a very competitive industry, a good dose of courage and ambition . Knowing how to distinguish , not only in terms of their ability with the makeup, but also the way of being and to address the problems , can help. In short, smile, be polite and be prepared in difficult times can often make a difference.

It ‘hard for me to advise of specific schools, because each has its pros and cons, and all I heard at the same time very well and very badly. I attended the Make-up Designory here in New York (and I know it now it opened in Milan) and of this I can tell you that there are a method of teaching very precise, sometimes even too categorical. The schools, in my opinion, are not what they teach to obtain a final result with a method only, but put that condition in the future make-up artists to find their own method to get that specific result; giving him, in short, all the tools you need to be as versatile and able to face any situation. This is because, in my opinion, it is true that there are rules, but it is also important to always experiment with new solutions and new products. The latter, in fact, constantly changing and it is possible that the things learned today do not apply to the future. Techniques and products in short update constantly and you have to be very versatile and Available are to learn more. As with all things, you never do it .