Stress is a major disease of society. Meals stress, as identified and as out of it, is what really here.

Stress is one of the diseases that most affect us even in the XXI century. In the United States 43% of the population suffers from stress and over 70% of doctor visits are due to stress effects. Some monitor your stress with meditation and yoga, others change the way they work. Some people stress because the road ends in drug and addictions, but does it know if you suffer from stress?

Below are the main symptoms of stress. Early symptoms may seem pointless, but after a moment razonarlos you realize they are just normal things that happen to us and warn us of poor physical and mental functioning.

Symptoms of stress

* Irritability
* Depression
* Impulsiveness
* Like screaming
* Dry mouth and throat
* Inability to concentrate
* Emotional stress
* Feelings of unreality
* Prevalence of fatigue sensation
* Tremors and twitching
* Tendency to the scares
* Giggle
* Stuttering
* Floating Anxiety
* Teeth grinding
* Need frequent urination
* Frequent pain head
* Pain in the neck or back
* Lack of appetite
* Frequent nightmares


What I can do to avoid stress?

Measure time wisely: Make a schedule of when you calculate approximately how much you take each activity you do. Also watch in the morning, wake up 10 minutes late and delay your day cause you stress. Plan your time well: Much like the above, but this is more about your work or school. An example is when you have to submit a report within five days. If you leave it to late to make everything more carefully and not push you.

Take some time to think: When we feel suffocated by outstanding work and tend to them without reasoning properly and devote the attention they deserve, that we can cause errors that will bring negative consequences later. Leave some time to rest: After working for hours is normal decrease your concentration and energy, what you should do is stretch out and get some air for every two or three hours.

Organize your desk: Whenever battles to find any document is wasted time. Not to mention that your desktop should be a place of inspiration and flow disaster. Do not get distracted: Beware of the number of personal calls that you receive while working, the number of times you check email delays that are not working, and now in this digital age you should be more careful than ever with the time spent on social networks.

Meals will relieve you from stress

* Banana
* Dried fruits (blackberries, strawberries, blueberries)
* Tea (lime, mint, passion flower or flower of passion fruit, orange)
* Kiwi
* Oranges
* Chocolate (in moderation)
* Tuna