If you’re a smoker, the chances are pretty good that at least a few people have suggested e-cigarettes as an alternative. Also sometimes known as vapes, vaping devices, e-cigs or vape-pens, e-cigarettes are widely celebrated for delivering the nicotine a smoker wants, but without the actual cigarette smoke. They’ve become incredibly popular over the past few years or so for this reason.

It’s perfectly natural to be a little skeptical though, especially when something sounds a little too good to be true. Do e-cigarettes actually deliver the same satisfaction a smoker would get from combustible cigarettes? Why should I switch?

An e-cigarette is what’s known as an electronic nicotine delivery system (or ENDS for short). Those who love them often refer to them as vapes or vape pens and the activity of using them as vaping. In fact, e-cigs have become so popular since they first hit the market that an entire culture has sprung up around them. If someone you know vapes, they probably also talk passionately about vaping and love seizing opportunities to turn other smokers onto the lifestyle.

The potential improvements smokers may experience when they switch are among the most common reasons given for taking up vaping, but how impactful the practice really is depends largely on whether or not you’re already a traditional smoker of combustible cigarettes. Taking up vaping for its own sake is generally not recommended or considered as potentially beneficial as simply leaving nicotine alone altogether.

However, if you’re a smoker who hasn’t been able to quit, or you really do enjoy the act of smoking for the emotional benefits, switching to a top e-cig brand like NJOY is going to be a much better idea for you and those around you than continuing to smoke combustible cigarettes.

A Closer Look at the Benefits of Switching

The following are just a few of the many other benefits associated with kicking cigarettes for good and making a permanent and complete switch to vaping instead.

Fewer Bans

It’s not easy to be a smoker these days. Widespread bans and strict rules on where, how, and if you can smoke in public mean your hands are usually tied if you want to enjoy a quick drag or two while you’re out and about. However, ENDS are not combustible cigarettes, and vaping is not smoking, so you may be able to enjoy your e-cig in more places, as long as you aren’t in conflict with state and local laws.

Multiple Choices

While one brand of cigarettes is more or less the same as another from the point of view of performance, each e-cigarette brand brings its own benefits to the table. Brands offer different form factors – some have the look and feel of a cigarette (aka a ciga-like form) while others utilize shapes that fit better in your hand and are easier to grip. Others are completely disposable for those who do not want to worry about recharging or refills. (Check out NJOY reviews for more info on disposable e-cigs.)

No Cigarette Smell

Anyone who smokes is all too familiar with that not-so-fresh feeling and smell that often comes along with cigarettes. E-cigs don’t emit that cigarette smell, so you can rest assured you don’t smell like smoke.

At the end of the day, it will always be better not to smoke or vape. However, switching to e-cigarettes can change your life, so they’re well worth considering as an alternative. Explore the possibilities today, and take control of your life once and for all.