When you apply tea tree oil properly, can treat many health problems holistically and without side effects.

Its effect has been proved for centuries and even today it is becoming increasingly popular: tea tree oil. The medical applications are extremely varied, since it acts against both bacteria and fungi, and viruses. This makes it a universal remedy for many health problems. Although tea tree oil is a gentle natural means, but some things need to be considered before application.

What you need to know before using tea tree oil

As a layman you may only apply tea tree oil externally and be sure to consult a physician or aromatherapist before taking! Despite generally good tolerability may cause skin reactions or allergies tea tree oil in sensitive individuals. Therefore, first a drop of oil on the back of the hand and rubbed the effect should be observed. Who knows he is prone to skin irritation, dilute the oil before the test the same with some almond or jojoba oil. In the application of tea tree oil can under no circumstances come into contact with the eyes! During pregnancy and in children Tea tree oil must be used in highly diluted form. Of course, one should pay attention to when buying the best quality flavor essence: The oil must be absolutely clean and residue free!


Direct application of tea tree oil

Its smell is a little strict, but if you apply a drop of tea tree oil on an itchy mosquito bite, you will be compensated immediately for it: No other means rapidly relieving severe itching and a convincing! In other insect bites too swollen to be avoided when dabbed some tea tree oil immediately to the sting site. A cold sore can heal faster by the essential oil because it also acts as antiviral and pain relief. Preventive rubbing against athlete’s foot can also be done with a few drops of undiluted tea tree oil. Minor wounds such as paronychia and minor burns may be treated with a few drops of pure tea tree oil, or after cleaning, after cooling with cold water. Please note here the conditions above!

Compresses and envelopes with Tea Tree Oil

Exuding wounds, inflamed skin or varicose benefit from moist compresses or wrapping, which were drizzled with tea tree oil. Alternatively, three to five drops of the oil can be added to the water to then soak a washcloth or a sterile gauze pad and hang it on the affected areas. You will be disinfected by this application alleviated the pain and the healing process is accelerated. For painful muscle spasms hot compresses, using the act can make a guest towel: Dip it in hot water if possible, wring it out well, and drizzle a few drops of tea tree oil on the cloth. Then place it on the painful area, until the compress is cool. In febrile diseases cool cold compresses can provide relief using tea tree oil.

Inhale with Tea Tree Oil

For a steam against cough with respiratory diseases or blemished skin, it is advisable to use only a few drops, since the mixture could easily be too sharp. Enter first three drops of tea tree oil in a bowl with steaming hot water. You can lean over it and cover head and bowl with a large towel. Allow about five to ten minutes the healing vapors on the skin and the respiratory act. Keep your eyes closed while essential, because tea tree oil can irritate the eyes!