On 17.05.2013, AOK announced that every public insurance daily 1.5 taking medications – and rising.

An analysis of the Berlin-based “Scientific Institute of the AOK” revealed the resident physicians total of 633 million packs prescribed the nearly seventy millions insured under the statutory health insurance funds in Germany in 2012 drugs. This corresponds to 39.9 billion days doses. This means each insured an average of 1.5 Medikamte or drug per day. Such as the Institute also announced, are the most commonly prescribed drugs for high blood pressure. Currently, about one in four Germans suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension).

The consumption of drugs and medications continues to rise at

The “Scientific Institute of the AOK” since 1981, already analyzed with the SHI Pharmaceutical Index in detail the German pharmaceutical market. How, then, showed the current analysis of the drug profile in 2012, the endemic diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases of the treating physicians are treated with medication. On the twenty most prescribed drug classes here represent more than 86 percent of prescribed daily dose. At the top are at 20.8 per cent medicines to treat high blood pressure with the ingredients of ACE inhibitors and sartans.


Overall, the amount of prescribed daily doses has risen sharply after the investigation of the Berlin Institute in the last nine years. From 2004 to 2012, an increase of 45 percent to 37.9 billion days can be seen. While an insured in 2004 still got on a daily basis with a drug that he took in 2012 already 1.5 medications. As Helmut Schroder, deputy managing director of the Scientific Institute announced that the drug consumption in older people is of course particularly high, as they often suffer from multiple chronic diseases and disorders. Women also consume twenty percent more drugs than men. One reason for this astonishing fact not called the Institute.

Which drug substances are consumed and in what quantities?

With the help of the exact analysis of the Institute founded in 1976, the range of prescriptions to be determined. This allows experts from science and medicine to determine which were the nearly 68,000 different prescribed drug packages in what quantities consumed in 2012 with a total of 2,500 agents. The research will primarily support the AOK community in ensuring a high quality and economical health care. The subject of research of the Institute are also foundations, problems and development of public health insurance and all related areas. The Berlin-based institute that sees itself as a link between science and practice.

The comprehensive classification system of the Institute is based on the internationally accepted Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) System of the World Health Organization (WHO) and has been specially adapted to the situation of the German pharmaceutical market and expanded accordingly.