The ankle is a fundamental part of the body for locomotion. It combines the foot to the rest of the leg allowing you to flex and extend the ligaments during movement. You might have a distortion of it while walking, practicing sport or you are doing other kinds of activities. What to do in these cases? What can you do to treat sprained ankle? Let’s look briefly together.

The ankle sprain is definitely an event unpleasant. If you practice sports or making games that require intense physical activity, it is very easy to come across this type trauma. It looks to excessive stress on the ankle. The distortion can be caused by a process of version, when you have a rotation of the foot towards the outside, or by a process of inversion, when the rotation is to the inside.


The action to be taken in cases of ankle sprain requires the utmost care. First of all, we need to take immediate action by immobilizing the affected part. Depending on the severity of the trauma and succeed you must follow several steps. First, you have to reduce the swelling and pain. Then you just have to recover the mobility of the joint and then you have to strengthen the muscles. Finally, you must retrieve all the functions through a rehabilitation program. In the case where the distortion is of minor, you must follow only the first two steps.

The ankle must be protected by a guardian or with bandages. This allows you to not force too much leg maintaining the property. The rest you need to recover to the fullest. To avoid bloating, for the first 2 or 3 days, you need to make compresses with ice. It would be appropriate to maintain the leg in a situation of slope to allow the circulation to flow more freely.

You can also seek the advice of your family doctor. In the case where an aid is required for healing, he may prescribe medicines or ointments specific for the distortions of the joints. It may be deemed necessary to compress the part with the elastic bandages. In this case you must be careful not to wrap too tightly. By following these tips, you can face the distortion considerate behavior in the most fair and appropriate.