Alzheimer’s disease that attacks the elderly, poor memory, causes that produce, treat Alzheimer’s patients.

The Alzheimer’s disease is an incurable and terminal dementia, usually occurs in people over 65 years.Its name comes from Alois Alzheimer who first observed the disease in 1906. And along with Emil Kraepelin’s disease discovered.

Causes of Alzheimer’s

The two most important risk factors are:

· Age: patients over 65 years have a 10% risk of developing Alzheimer’s, while the percentage rises to 50% when it comes to people over 85 years. Rarely can occur in people younger than 60 years and if you do it by mutation of genes.

· Family history: People who have had parents or grandparents who have suffered the disease, are more likely to develop it.

Although other factors have been studied as:

· The genotype of apolipoprotein E (ApoE) is the best known and most studied of all.

· Have inherited a gene type 4 means that you have more risk of developing the disease than those who have not inherited. Those with type 2 gene have the opposite effect. Having one of these genes is neither necessary nor sufficient to bring the disease, although it is a very important risk factor.


· From the point of view of the biochemistry of Alzheimer’s disease is associated with a decrease in brain levels of acetylcholine (a chemical that exists in the brain and works by sending signals from one neuron to another, this neurotransmitter is essential for learning and memory).

· Exposure to pesticides, fertilizers and solvents has been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, although it is unclear what is the mechanism by which these products can favor box.

· It is possible that factors such as hypertension, smoking , hypercholesterolemia, alcoholism or diabetes mellitus act increasing vascular lesions in the brain, which together with degenerative lesions allow the clinical expression of Alzheimer’s disease in many cases.

Treatment of Alzheimer’s

Is currently testing a new preventive vaccine against Alzheimer’s. The neurologist Gurutz Linazasoro is responsible for it and claims that “The assessment can not be more positive. Finally have something that opens a window of hope”. The aim of the vaccine, as has unveiled the scientist, is to stop the main brain injury linked to Alzheimer’s: the production of amyloid plaques . Vaccine makers produce antibodies remove amyloid beta 40 and 42, which are the cause of cerebral generalization.

The vaccine trials were conducted in Austria, where 48 patients tested at the facilities of a local expert in monitoring trials. Credited his safety, the vaccine will not be in the market for another six or seven years, while Linazasoro considered logical and necessary. As it is not already in force in the global market, and is not entirely sure, there are treatments that attempt to reduce the rate of progression of the disease and its symptoms, so that palliative in nature. The available treatment can be divided into pharmacological and psychosocial care needs an Alzheimer’s patient are many like:

· Communication and understanding.

· Personal hygiene.

· Leisure and outdoor rides, stimulating health .

· Help you eat, with adequate food to their health.

· Help you dress.

· Check that go to the bathroom every two hours to keep the patient clean, dry and neat. Preventing urinary incontinence.