Natural medicine offers benefits that make it a good alternative therapy for certain diseases and in other cases serious drawback.

What is herbal medicine?

Natural medicine or naturopathy is not only an alternative therapy but almost a philosophy of life. It is based on the maxim that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and regenerate health. Starting from the idea that there is no treatment for each disease, but for each patient and that health must be integrated body, mind, emotional and spiritual. Naturopathy uses natural materials to help the body has its own balance, such as nutrition , herbal medicine, massage , reflexology, hydrotherapy , homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, etc. Framing a diverse group of natural therapies.

Advantages of naturopathy in treatment the patient

In general, alternative therapies have the advantage of allowing a relationship between therapist and patient consultations nearest fast of allopathic (conventional medicine). But in the case of natural medicine is perhaps one of the most can listen to the patient and establish a close relationship. The reason is that the need to analyze the patient naturopath all backgrounds together to find their complaints on issues that go beyond the body. It may be emotional issues carried by adverse circumstances or situations or difficult misguided channel without a therapeutic aid, which can lead to illness or physical symptoms.


Advantages of naturopathy in general

The advantages of naturopathy, besides the mentioned treatment close to the patient, are diverse. Here are some of the most interesting:

# Naturopathy means health in a holistic and integrates emotional and mental health treatment as part of the physical symptoms.
# It goes beyond the mere elimination of symptoms as it addresses the causes of these over the organizational aspects of the same.
# Naturopathy is a largely preventive medicine. Something very important is the holistic health maintenance, which is considered easier since, according to this, health is the natural tendency of the body.
# Natural medicine uses natural healing remedies virtually harmless substances without toxins or side effects, unlike allopathic medicines.
# Generally, with some exceptions, natural treatments are easily assimilated as their removal from the body.

Disadvantages of natural medicine

Natural medicine has very interesting advantages compared to some diseases and for people who have little tolerance for chemical drugs, but it’s good to know the disadvantages and limitations to choose at any given time naturopathic or allopathic medicine.

# One of the main disadvantages of natural medicine that is not as efficient as the allopathic to treat medical emergencies and even less if severe.
# Natural remedies are slower to seek healing and calm the symptoms, but at any given time is a disadvantage because these symptoms can be very aggressive and require rapid elimination.
# There is little depth research on the effectiveness of some therapies, supplements or herbs. Although some are validated by the use of these remedies in a thousand years.
# Another disadvantage is that sometimes the dose in each patient is a matter of trial and error to adjust the dose.
# Further studies are needed on the interaction between natural remedies and allopathic medicines since in some cases may detract from some or / and others or even cause some inconvenience.
# Economic disadvantage is that the treatments of natural medicine not covered by social security, at least in Spain, which are not as cheap as those of allopathic medicine.