Some people are required to wearing prism glasses to make their eyes function together due to several problems they may face. Double vision is one, and if you are suffering from it or other vision abnormalities, prism glasses are used to correct the issue. They are used in other instances, including positional correction and convergence correction. In these cases, you will need to know about prism glasses and how best to get adjusted to them. From this topic you can learn also how long does it take to get used to glasses.

  • What Is Prism Eyeglasses?

There are a number of types of glasses and lenses that people wear. Prism glasses are not like other ordinary glasses with corrective lenses. Abnormalities like corneal curving or astigmatism and focal distance errors, such as near- or farsightedness, are corrected by regular glasses. However, prism eyeglasses are used for special conditions.

Prism glasses are used for conditions when the eyes don’t work together. In such cases, one of the eyes may set down, up, left or right. The purpose of prism glasses is to make the eyes work together. The way it works is by tricking with brain because the prism lenses can transfer the images slightly up, down, or in both ways, making the brain adjust the vision.


  • Adjusting With Prism Glasses

Until you get used to them, prism glasses may be awkward to you initially. You may face several types of prism eyeglasses side effects/prism lenses side effects like eyestrain, headache, or in some cases, you may feel nausea and dizziness. Whatever the side effects are, you just cannot stop using the glasses. If you stop using them, you will have to face the eye problem your whole life. So it is important to give yourself some time to get used to the glasses. Here you may find some useful tips to get adjusted to prism glasses.

  • Allow some tome to get adjusted with prescription spectacles with prisms. Generally it takes two full weeks to get completely adjusted to prism glasses. But, if you are wearing glasses for first time, you need even more time to get adjusted. People who are already using another type glasses may need less time to adjust to prism glass than the people who are new to glasses.
  • Keep away from activities that may seem dangerous for you. If you are facing the problem of dizziness, or depth perception, do not drive, especially, until you get used to your prism glasses.
  • Avoid moving your head abruptly as much as possible. Abrupt movements can introduce worse symptoms during the adjustment phase. Your nervous system is weak during the adjustment phase, so keep your movements slow during this time.
  • Wear your eyeglasses as long as you can. If you spend more time with them on, your adjustment will take less time. If you are a new to wearing glasses, spend most of the time wearing your prism glasses.
  • Don’t use your old ordinary glasses when you start using prism glasses. It will be harmful for your eyes and may cause several eye problems along with delaying the adjustment period.
  • If the side effects are not reduced within two weeks, you should consult with your optometrist.

Moreover, using prism glasses is the most effective way to return focus to your eyes. You just need to be patient with the adjustment period. Once you get adjusted, you will be comfortable with your prism glasses.