When instead of control began to “let it be” life flows with harmony and ease.

Human beings are different from other mammals with awareness and the ability to think, classify, judge, name and order. And part of that power is often used to control, or at least try to control not only the events that happen in life but also to others.

Receiving what gives life

More than once you will have passed that despite wanting something with all your strength and have diligently applied creative visualization you have not succeeded, only to realize later that was the best that life and waited with something totally superior . That’s because, when you ask any results, we cling to obtain mode rather than leave it to the universe. We not only want that, but through a certain path. We are not able to open our minds to other possibilities and ways and, thus, we miss a lot.

We are all different

Another area in which we have become manipulative and controlling, is in human relations. Many other times subtly and so imperative, we want other people to act as we want, but instead maybe we would act even as we ask. However, there is nothing better than letting others be as they want to be, and really get to know them and in depth, without the use of taxes and social masks cultural or friendship.


How to practice acceptance

* First, befriend the past. An important pillar of acceptance is able to look back without rancor toward life realizing that what we did was necessary for our spiritual evolution and allowed us to get here.
* The next time you want something, you release the result and ways to access it in the hope that life will guide you from where you are to where you want to go.
* Pay attention to the signals you send the universe. The more open you mind’s capture the information faster.
* Accepting death as something that, although it is sometimes expected, always surprises us. Processing grief and find ways to overcome the pain and move on.
* When you find yourself judging or criticizing someone for their way of life, remember that everyone is different and has the right to be so much that it hurts or bothers us. May we suggest you change your attitude, or act as we would like, but you can just say no and we have to accept it. Then we will decide if we can go next to someone who acts like that or not, but knowing that does not have to change.
* Note that when something bothers us the other, you have to work on yourself. Forever. Whenever the problem is you, not the other.

Goodbye concerns

Avoid worrying about things that may happen. Trust that everything will happen as it should be, and enjoy the rest. When you’re worrying too much, close your eyes, breathe deeply, connect with your spiritual side and leave everything in their hands. Do what you must do, but what is not up to you, let him go. Try to relax using some techniques like meditation, Reiko or deep breaths. Inside you know that you only expect the best.

Acceptance is not passivity

Contrary to what many people believe, accept or “say yes” to what life has no means to stay passive and not take action on the matter. For example, if we were out of work, instead of railing against life and destiny, we can try to understand that something happened, take a deep breath, look at what we can learn from the situation and go shopping the classifieds! Say hello to life in all its glory, with all its emotions, the ones we like and which not. All the rainbow is important and necessary for growth. Face it!