Many times we invest too much in relationships with others so as to be overly disappointed for a banality or a divergence of views . This is part of the relations social life difficult not to feel disappointed by others, but with five little tips you’ll find in this guide, you can somehow keep you in the “you too bad.”

The first advice is definitely to not overly idealize relationships and the people around you. The idealization involves very often attribute to others as extremely positive. It happens very often. Maybe it’s the magic of meeting new people, perhaps the fact that initially is always shown the best part of himself.


The second advice is do not share everything. CREATE YOUR your personal spaces, intimate. Do not create extreme dependence on friends or the person you are. In the long run this may be deleterious and accentuate the sense of disappointment . Aware that sharing is an important fact, but this must be managed and, very often, resized.

Another important aspect is to evaluate the differences between you and others. Not everyone has the same character. Perhaps you in some circumstances you would behave differently from how they behave the other, but that does not want to say that they are disappointing. Ask yourself an important question: what led him to do this particular action or to say this particular thing? Respect, therefore, the experience of a person and the differences that accompany it.

not give much importance to the phrases that are said during fights or moments of anger. Resized these moments. You can let drag on various factors like a bad day, an unsatisfactory work (for those who have it) and many other things. Never contextualize the angry person in the time in which he can say things strong. I suggest you wait more sedate moments to resume the conversation.

never all the blame. The disappointment may arise mainly from a communication not perfectly synchronized. And since the communication is composed of two or more people, it is clear that no one has the fault or faults are of both. Before you get busy and be disappointed, ask for clarification and thorough discourse. It may be that there is a communication does not fully implemented by either party. These basic concepts, especially in the field of communication, are small starting points to prevent or mitigate disappointments in emotional and social.