Lose weight today is the obsession of every one of us. The company in fact requires us models and stereotypes in the name of thinness. Excellent physical fitness is the most important thing and the objective to be pursued. That is why sometimes we tend to look for shortcuts to lose weight fast. But this can lead to mistakes of varying severity that can prevent us from losing weight really. In this article we will see what are the 5 things to do absolutely to get in a healthy way our purpose.

lose weight

The first thing to do if we want to lose weight is to set a goal realistic. We need to understand why we want to lose weight before you even start our diet . The reasons should not be dictated by the conventions of our society . The desire to lose weight is to come directly from ourselves. No one should impose on us to make sacrifices outside of ourselves, let alone the stereotypes of the mass media.

Skipping meals can be a serious mistake. We might think that skipping a few meals, we would save any food and therefore calories. Yet nothing is more wrong! In fact we just skip breakfast just to get to the next meal much more hungry than we should. In this way the hunger would force us to eat much more than they should!

It is absolutely wrong to completely give up the fat. Our diet should be well balanced in all its components. Eliminate all types of fat can lead to imbalances and major deficiencies. In principle, it is preferable to avoid fatty-type animal. It would be better to use more vegetable fats, particularly olive oil , even better if Community .

When you embark on a diet, the best thing is that we be prescribed by a specialist . Do not let us trust in diets DIY, do those from magazines and newspapers. The diet should be tailor-made for us, according to our needs and requirements. Sometimes even then it may be sufficient simply to resort to a nutritionist. With the help of this doctor, we can easily learn the basic rules for proper nutrition.