This guide is aimed at those who, for the first time, are coping with the experience of a diet to drop a few extra pounds too. These are some errors to be avoided not to frustrate the effects of diet that has been prescribed by your doctor, or who has been recommended by a dietician. Obviously the advice they are given in this guide, can be followed even by those individuals who do not need or want to follow a specific diet, but at the same time do not disdain the idea of regularizing a bit ‘their way of eating. So here’s 5 mistakes to avoid during the period of the diet.

When you decide to start a diet seriously, the first things to consider are not the middle ground. In fact, many people think they face a crash diet by eliminating most food possible, can help them to more easily reach the goal they have set. Nothing could be more wrong. In fact, sometimes, depending on the type of diet that must follow, you could have the feeling (sometimes also founded) to eat more liberally and more frequently than normal. It’s actually true, but it is very foods that help to stabilize the gut, to acquire the right caloric intake and so on.


Do not, therefore, limit yourself to a single coffee when you do breakfast. The result would be to fail to reach the time for tea or lunch without having suffered the pangs of hunger. Most likely you may feel hurt or, conversely, you could very easily give in to the temptation of high-calorie snack that would defeat your purpose. The third tip is to not keep in your purse candy or chocolates are also several that could prove to be a real temptation. Neither the less you will have to give in to calls to the bar for a croissant and a cappuccino or simply to drink alcohol .

Fourth tip is to sit at the table only and exclusively when your plate with vegetables, risotto or meat white with a little olive oil will already be served on the table, otherwise, during the wait will be very difficult to resist a table laden with cheeses , cold cuts and bread (you can not expect your family members do the diet with you!). Finally, always linked to the effect of the bread, avoid eating simple bread and in large quantities , but limit yourself to biscuits or bread, in the proportions provided by the diet.