Among the most annoying discomforts of winter certainly include colds and flu . We all know the symptoms that these two evils give us for days and, all, we would like to remedy as quickly as possible. Here we run straight to the pharmacy and there of medicines, most of the time, not speed up the healing time and, sometimes, we also create side effects . Today we explain how it is possible to heal with herbs and we propose 5 infusions against colds and flu. Let’s see what.

colds and flu

The healing power of the lemon in winter illnesses and respiratory tract is known for thousands of years. Today we propose to associate it with chamomile, with extraordinary properties anti-inflammatory. The quickest way to prepare this tea is to use the chamomile tea bags sifted for sale ready for the infusion and add to the drink thus obtained the lemon zest or lemon juice freshly squeezed. To improve the taste you can sweeten everything with honey, maybe eucalyptus.

The second infusion that we propose is especially useful for inflammation of the upper respiratory system and is a remedy for sore throats. You can use either of the cinnamon sticks in that, in both cases you will need to boil for about ten minutes, the cinnamon in the amount equivalent to a glass of water, let cool and remove the cinnamon stick if you have used it. Also in this case sweetened with honey.

We have already seen the use of lemon for tea against winter ailments and in this we are going to combine the tea with ginger. You can get the tea ready, in herbal medicine , both in practices that bulk bags or you can use lemons in your home and buy the ginger root, hard. In this case proceed to boil ginger grated or sliced ​​into the water, then filtered and flavored with lemon juice.

Another herbal decongestant , useful especially for the cold , is the spices. Used as a base of tea, possibly the green but that’s okay you have any in the house. Add in the glass where you put the tea bag to steep two cloves and a few peppercorns whole. Remove the tea bag and then strain the whole with the help of a strainer.

The latest herbal tea that we propose is useful in case of febrile state. The lime has among its properties to stimulate sweating and thus can contribute to the lowering of the body temperature. instead strengthens the immune system put to the test by the state influenza. Both will be in the herbs in herbal tea bags or loose ready to be infused. At this point we can only wish you good healing .