Both humans that plants and animals need sunlight to live. The intervention of the sunlight and the presence of sunlight, they seem to have beneficial effects on both the mental and physical state of the people, while as regards the plants, it is known that no sunlight would die, because of this lack of photosynthesis. We see all 5 health benefits of sunlight.

As seen, all the vegetable world would not exist without the light of the sun, and the human beings in need of large doses of vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables, or in plants. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that in countries where there is a reduced amount of light, the people suffer more from depression (SAD), and the suicide rate is observed is higher than in countries where the sun is abundant. Not by chance in spring and summer, every individual feels full of energy, while in the winter season, we tend to become “lethargic” and lazy. Many animals to fight the cold and scarcity of food, hibernate deep, in the same way also the biorhythms of man, his psyche and his basal metabolic rate, appear to be affected significantly.


The shortage, or the lack of light, promotes the creation of mold and creates unhealthy environments not suitable to human life, and therefore also in this case the solar light is decisive. In addition, one must not forget the valuable resource that the sun represents the skeleton of the human body. Vitamin D is beneficial for bones, is activated only by the rays of the sun, in the absence of this stimulus sun, it is subject to express more or less severe forms of rickets. The deficiency of vitamin D, is also attributed to the formation of some types of cancer (breast and colon) it seems that the action of the rays can preserve the onset of these diseases. In conclusion, it seems that the sun, and expose yourself to sunlight in a proper manner and in the hours indicated most of the day, is beneficial to the human body. By virtue of this, has been developing the “Radiotherapy”, a medical technique that takes advantage of the sunlight, and ultraviolet and infrared rays, it contains, to treat various disorders of the skin, bone structures and joints, and also as an adjutant therapy, for the treatment of Tuberculosis.