Lower blood pressure, or hypotension, is a disease that causes those who are afflicted with fatigue, headache, weakness and risk of fainting. All these symptoms are caused by the blood pressure too low. The most important allies, we have to raise the pressure and improve our well-being are water, drink a lot replenishes sodium and minerals, and feeding. In this guide we will discover 5 foods essential for those who need to raise the pressure.

To raise the pressure tends to lower the elements on which we leverage are sodium and minerals. The savory and rich, so sodium is particularly suitable for those who suffer from this disorder. It is also, however, the foods rich in water, such as vegetables and fruits, but we see more specifically the five with the greatest benefit. In the first place we can consume soy sauce to flavor dishes. Soy sauce, in fact, is one of the food on our tables consumed with the high sodium content. Ascending very rich can “reinvigorate” the body and eliminate the physical exhaustion instantly.


Another food to be consumed with frequency if it is the meat hypotheses: it in fact, throughout the process of production and processing, is enriched salt since this has disinfectant properties, and preservatives. The meat, in particular preparations such as sausage or sausages in general, is pretty cool to do the load of sodium as long as it is not abused. Ideal is also the consumption of ham in raw snacks each day to get the right mark of sodium. The ham fast passes at least a month in the salt for the finished product and is therefore “impregnated” it in all its parts. Ham, moreover, unlike the meat is well suited for meals intermission Recommended for those suffering from low blood pressure.

As already mentioned, one of the main symptoms of hypotension is the tiredness and lack of energy. Great for making a full of sodium and carbohydrates is the bread. Not all bread is salty, it could be argued, but in fact it contains grains are high in sodium, but above all provide a source of energy lasting for the weakened body. Not to be overlooked, for those suffering from low blood pressure, is the intake of vegetables. Better to choose those rich in water like onions, zucchini and peppers. The same principle applies to fruit: to prefer watermelon, melon and kiwi, will be an effective full power.