The breast is a component of the female body much loved, both by men than by women themselves. With the passage of time, or due to various pregnancies, the breast tends to lose its firmness. Prevent this from happening, or at least postpone that moment, you can, you can do exercises to tone the breasts. It is not advisable to wait for the breast loses its natural firmness to approach these exercises, it is quite suitable to preserve it through these exercises. The main ones are 5, let’s see them together. Keep the tonic breast, means strengthening the lateral muscles of the chest. To do this there are of very simple exercises that you can do at home, in the quiet of your own room.

EXERCISE 1. A first exercise should be done standing. Pick up a bottle of water 1.5 liters or weights fitness of that weight, raise your arm moving up and down and your bottle should be facing down. This movement must be done 5 times per arm, when you are more trained then increased movements reaching a height of 10. The other arm should instead on.


EXERCISE 2. Now get yourself two bottles or weights and raised both arms alternately for about 6-7 times. The bottle must be facing upwards. Relaxed as possible the arm when lowered.

EXERCISE 3. Raising his arms upwards alternately lower them. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times. This movement should not be underestimated because, although simple is very effective.

EXERCISE 4. By lifting arms above his head in an upright try to weave them as much as possible. Pull them upward as much as possible, the relaxation phase, should last a few seconds, not more.

EXERCISE 5. Do any sort of bending. Lie on the floor on your stomach. Raise your upper body with your knees crossed and hands inward, lower yourself in a relaxed position and then start again for at least 8 times. These five are not the main, of course, there are many other exercises of varying difficulty , aimed at strengthening the muscles and lower side of the pectoral area . The bra is not “the best friend of the firm breasts “, sometimes it is good to take it off, especially at night, take it is not shown.