If you attempting to make funeral arrangements then one thing you will have to think about is what you want done with your body. Most people traditionally choose burial or cremation, but there is one more choice if you want to help other people with your death: body donation. There are a lot of great ways that body donation can change the world making it possible to bring something positive from your death. The following are four great body donation facts that you should consider if you are on the fence about whether the procedure is the right choice for you or not.

Medical Advancements

When it comes to body donation there are a few facts that you might be interested in learning about medical advancements. Much medical advancement has been made simply by studying and researching the bodies of deceased people. Looking at how disease develops and how it has spread through a body can help scientists discover identifying markers that are then possible to treat. By donating your body to science you might inadvertently be helping discover a cure for diseases that have been plaguing mankind forever. This makes body donation one of the most humanitarian acts you could commit upon your death.

Free Transport

Another great part of body donation is that you do not have to take care of anything, because the body donation agency will take care of all of the details. Therefore, your family does not have to do a thing. If you register in advance to donate your body then the appropriate agency simply needs to be notified. The rest will be completely taken care of from there including the transport from the hospital to the appropriate location for the research.

Free Cremation

After research is complete, the body donation center will continue to take care of all of the smaller details including cremation. Once research is complete you will be cremated free of charge and the remains will be given back to your family. This allows your family to have something tangible to still hold onto even once you are gone. Many people are reluctant to donate their bodies because they think that it will be too hard on their families, but in reality the opposite is actually true since everything is taken care of in advance for them instead. This can take a huge burden off of your shoulders.

Piece of Mind

The last reason to consider body donation is because it will give you piece of mind while you are still living and your family piece of mind once you are gone. There are not too many ways that you can reach out after death, but body donation is one way to leave a final impact on the world. By choosing to help others you know that even in your death something positive was given back to the world you left and for many people that last thought can be irreplaceable. Plus, since your family will be taken care of you get the piece of mind of knowing that they are not struggling.