When someone doesn’t like the way their smile appears, they spend a lot of time fretting over it. They will go out of their way to hide it in social settings by covering their mouth when they laugh or looking down when they speak. It can also increase stress levels when an important event such as an interview or public speaking engagement approaches since they know people will be looking at their teeth.

A good-looking smile increases a person’s confidence and ensures they are comfortable in all social settings. There are many reasons a person’s smile will lose its lustre, but restoring its shine is easier than one might realise. Here are 3 ways to brighten up your smile.


1.) Teeth whitening

These days just about every dental care product including toothpaste and mouthwash claims to whiten teeth. In addition to this, it’s now possible to head down to the local pharmacy and pick up a D.I.Y. teeth-whitening kit. And while some of these may work, the results can vary greatly.

The whitening treatments available at a local dentist office are not only more effective, but tend to last longer than over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions. The great thing about the professional teeth whitening services offered at Accent Dental is the results are immediate which makes this treatment ideal for brides or anyone else with an important event coming up. Other treatments can take weeks or even months before results start to appear.

2.) Veneers

A lot people don’t realise that as they age, their teeth can start to wear down and lose enamel. This can leave teeth discoloured and visually unappealing. The symptoms of tooth wear also include sensitivity and chipping which is why it is important to get this issue taken care of promptly. Doing this guarantees short-term pain and long-term damage is avoided.

Dental veneers are one way to restore a tooth to its original appearance while also adjusting its shape or size to ensure it appears better from a cosmetic standpoint. These “shells” are made from either porcelain or resin and are bonded onto the tooth to make it appear and function as it did before the decay had set in.

3.) Cosmetic smile makeovers

For some people, a drastic overhaul is necessary to restore their smile. Getting a cosmetic smile makeover is normally the best option to help return a smile to its former glory. This process involves consulting with a dentist who will come up with a plan that normally combines multiple treatments. A plan could include implants, crowns, veneers, teeth whitening and even braces.

While this process will require several trips to the dentist’s office, the results are almost always worth it. If a person has neglected their teeth for years, a cosmetic makeover will undo most of this damage and give them a reason to smile once again. Of course, it isn’t solely about the appearance and the teeth will be healthy as well as fully functional.