Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are also referred to as electromagnetic radiation and they are linked to the use of gadgets that run on electrical power. EMFs can be categorised into two different types; non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation is a low-level form of radiation that is generally thought to be harmless for people, and ionizing radiation is known to create cellular damage. Non-ionizing radiation comes from all sorts of gadgets and equipment like phones, microwaves, Wi-Fi, power lines, and TVs. If you have questions about EMFs, take a look below and find out more.

electromagnetic-fieldsImage: Image courtesy of nimaxsz/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  1. Are EMFs Dangerous to Health?

Studies are still on-going into the exact nature of any health risk connected to EMFs. In the past, studies showed a weak link between electromagnetic radiation and cellular damage, but it was clear that further research was needed to clarify and objectify the link. Recent studies also show a weak link. Much of the danger seems connected to children and exposure to EMFs. There have been studies into whether EMFs can cause cancer and brain tumours, and there seem to be links but there is no conclusive evidence that there is a relationship. However, since technology such as cell phones has only been widely in use since the 1990s, it may be too soon to tell what long-term effect cell phone use has on the body. Experts advise using emf protection products until more is known about the exact risk.

  1. Is My Cell Phone Dangerous?

Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation but it is at the lower end of the spectrum, meaning that it is weaker. But studies do say there is a link between cell phone use and possible cell damage, which could result in a greater risk of cancer or other problems like infertility, fatigue, inflammation, and headaches. it is a good idea to keep your phone away from your body when you are not using it; i.e., carry it in a bag rather than your pocket, and not use the phone when you are struggling to get a signal as this is when the electromagnetic radiation will be at its highest.

  1. Do Power Lines Emit EMFs?

Power lines are a source of EMFs. But the further you are away from a power line, the weaker the force. Therefore, power lines are only really likely to be a problem when you live right under them. If you are concerned about how high the electromagnetic radiation is under a power line, you can get specialist testing equipment to find out.