The exercises for the chest under the category of activities prepared by the bodybuilding, also known as bodybuilding. This consists of the repetition of movements, posture and lifting weights, using the overload (gradual and controlled) flanked by a specific power. Making this choice involves a series of special attention , assuming that we should not start these practices under the age of 15 years and must be, at least initially, followed by a true professional of the matter. Let’s see how to focus on training of the pectoral muscles .

If you want to train the so-called “pecs”, know that in human anatomy were reinforcing two muscles : the pectorals major and the pectorals minor. The first is located in a part of the second depth. Together, contracting and stretching, these offer considerable physical effort. Their action, in the vicinity of the scapula, and puts down his shoulder. Moreover, thanks to the flex and they happen all the major gestures of the arms. They also contribute to the movements of the sternum and the abdominal.


Among the simplest exercises that you can perform, however, remember to let you follow a coach. Here are some examples of training . To train the top shape of the chest, always play it back on benches inclined, so as to focus the work of the same in that specific area. A mode relaxations are on the arms, subjecting the joints whole body weight; another exercise are the “rod”, or by using dumbbells (start with 2 kg each), open and close the arms (stretched) with movement slow and steady above his head. The repetitions are performed in series 12-10-8 gradually increasing the weight of the dumbbells.

Slightly declining grades of the bench (30 ° may be fine) put his or her feet firmly on the ground, grab the metal bar with a wide grip (hands should be shoulder-width apart). Stretch your arms and slowly lower the bar a few inches from her face. Repeat the movement in four sets of 10. Another way to strengthen your muscles is to do with the dumbbells, relaxing side with the dumbbells. Open and close the arms, but that they remain with the dumbbells to chest height, forward.